Using/embedding Node-RED Editor in an existing Angular 2+ project


I am new to node-red. In my Angular 2+ project, I need a workflow editor. I am evaluating many node modules/javascript libraries for the same.

I like the node-red flow editor and is interested in understanding if I can use only the editor in my angular 2 project. In short I want a graphical editor to build my workflow. I have already have the workflow model and execution engine.

Any help in this regard is welcome.


The Node-RED UI is not readily reusable as a generic workflow UI. It is possible, but you would have to emulate all the endpoints the NR runtime exposes. The UI is also not really designed to be embedded in another page directly - you'd have to iframe it in.

It would be nice to have the UI be more reusable, but there's a lot of work needed to make that so - none of which would directly benefit the core of Node-RED. Given that, it's something I've never managed to justify spending time on.

@knolleary, has there been any updates regarding this for the 1.0 release?