Using Node-RED with Angular

Hello Every One,

I want to integrate Node red in my angular project.

Can it be possible ?

If yes then if anyone have any reference example please share.

Darshan Patel

@dhpatel177 please don't reply to 7 month old topics that are not related to your question. I've moved your post to a new topic.

When you say Angular I'm thinking of a frontend project, or potentially embedded in a desktop application like with Electron. Can you explain a bit more about what you're trying to do?

Hi @afelix Thanks for your kind reply,

i have my angular application in which i want to integrate node red flow. which should work if i want to create my custom node in my angular i should be able to create and that should be reflect in real time to my node red which should be in built to my angular application.
And also for one user if i have made flow that should be saved to node red and when user came again to the application the flow should be the same as created lastly.

You might want to look at uibuilder. That gives you a node and a front-end library that will work with your existing code with minimal change. The front-end library is a single .js file that gives you an easy way to exchange messages with the Node-RED back-end. The Node is the back-end connection.

uibuilder can do a lot more than that but for your case, that is the essence of it.

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