Using "Google Fonts" in "template"

Good day, dear community! I have a question. I would like to know if there is a way to add Google Fonts to Node-RED without downloading the .ttf files, using only the link corresponding to each font. In particular, the font I would like to test is this one:

To what part of Node-RED?

The short answer is - yes - as long as your client has access to the Internet.

Actually, there are times when I make changes using 'template' to set fonts for some UI nodes for visualization, but I only do that with the fonts provided by Node-RED. My inquiry is about how to do it with Google Fonts, and yes, it is expected that the client always has internet access. Any instructions would be appreciated.

Click the font you want to use, click "get font", click "get embed code" - the output can be put in a template node.

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