Using Interval Length to send an email

Hi, I read from a MQTT topic, and if there is no message within a set time (say 10 minutes), I wish to send an email with the last MQTT message.
Currently, the last MQTT message arrives as msg.payload into an interval-length node, which will output "10 Minutes" as msg.payload. The Send-email node will email me "10 Minutes".
I can't for the life of me figure out how to simply forward the last MQTT message...

Any help is really appreciated.

Do I understand correctly that the mqtt message is in the payload, and the payload is overwritten in the interval-length node by "10 minutes"?
If so, the interval-length node allows you to put the "10 minutes" in another output message field. You can do that via the "Interval" value in the node's config screen. That way your original input is not overwritten...

That is exactly correct Bart.
Yes that was simple, wow how did I miss that!!

In the meantime I got it kinda working just using a trigger node but thanks, very helpful :slight_smile:

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