Using Nextcloud, webdav and node-red

I am trying to list and upload a file to nextcloud with node-red
I have tried using the kuehnelbs node/node-red-contrib-nextcloud
I was successful in the listing but uploading gave me an error :
"self signed certificate in certificate chain"
(which I'm looking at now what it is)( I asked the author, but he doesn't answer)

I have also tried to use the Webdav library directly, but it gives me the same error and no results

With webdav i use:

const webdav = global.get("webdav")
const https = global.get("https")
var server = {address:"https://myip/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav/",
directory = "/"
var client = webdav.createClient(
server.address, {
username: server.user,
password: "server.password",
digest: true,
const option = {}
if (server.insecure) {
option.agent = https.Agent({ rejectUnauthorized: false })
msg.directoryItems=client.getDirectoryContents(directory, option)
.then(function (contents) {
node.send({ 'payload': contents })
}, function (error) {
node.error({error: error})
return msg

things to note: use windows and node-red 1.0.3

If someone has used nexcloud with node-red or knows how to correct this error, I would appreciate it

If IRC there are two versions of this node that have been published.

I am using @kuehnelbs/node-red-contrib-nextcloud v0.1.3 and I don't get this error.

Indeed, I am not getting any errors, nor am I getting any files either.

So it appears that the "list" node works ok, but the other nodes may be problematic. Pity.

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