Using openai (ChatGPT) to write functions and flows

I have not really been active, other than reading, on the forums before, but I had to share that I have been having great success with using openai ( to build/fix function nodes and I'm about to try out a flow it just built. Anyone else having success? BTW, I'm working on weather alerts with lights.

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It is ok to use AI to suggest how to do something, but you should remember that it gets its knowledge from sites containing garbage and out of date information as well as from good sources, so you should always just use it as a guide. If you decide to use something it suggests then make sure you understand what every line in a Function does, and that you are happy that it does what you want. Also test the function by feeding in values from Inject nodes to give you confidence.


Totally agree with Colin. And, with my privacy & security hat on, NEVER, EVER put anything you want kept private into one of these so-called AI tools.

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Thank you! Both make a lot of sense, TotallyInformation, we shop at the same hat store. I agree completely with knowing every line as well, I'm rusty on some areas but it's nice to have a quick base. Colin, thanks for the "injects" points as well, that is something I will definitely practice! "AI is a tool not a solution." Thanks!


Of course the suggestion to make sure you understand any code or flows that you get from AI apply just as much to any suggestions you get here or from other sources.

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