Using other widgets on contrib-mdashboard (Contrib-ui-svg)

I would like to use Contrib-ui-svg on a contrib-mdashboard but i dont know how to set it.
I chang on node red settings.js default -ui to -mui but it not chang anything in Contrib-ui-svg node (still can only choose -ui dashbords)
its possible to use Contrib-ui-svg on contrib-mdashboard

probably not - it is a different dashboard to the node-red-dashboard that the ui-svg node works with.

if chang in svg_graphics.js
function SvgGraphicsNode(config) {
try {
var node = this;
if(ui === undefined) {
// ui = RED.require("node-red-dashboard")(RED);
ui = RED.require("node-red-contrib-mdashboard")(RED);

Contrib-ui-svg appears on contrib-dashboard but it no longer responds to node reda's requests and only displays the SVG

At the time being, our community members from Hitachi have added support for custom ui nodes in the Node-RED dashboard. Perhaps mdashboard was forked from the official dashboard before that support was added. So I don't think it is possible. And since the mdashboard is not maintained anymore, you will have to find another solution.

As soon as I find free time, I will migrate the svg node to Flexdash. But that won't be soon, due to lack of free time.

And not sure anyway if Flexdash offers the features that you were lacking in the current official Node-RED dashboard. No idea...

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