Using the ARROW keys in edit mode

When in EDIT mode (screen) I select nodes and I am sure I used to be able to move them either by dragging them with mouse's LMB held down, or I would move them with the ARROW keys.

Suddenly - which is confusing me - when I press the ARROW keys, the whole screen moves.

I just went to another machine and tried it.
That is what happens.

So the machine on which I am working seems to have decided to change how it interoperates what it does with the ARROW keys being pressed.

Someone please.

Hi Andrew,

Working fine for me in Node-red 1.2.6 with Firefox v83
Check what shortcuts you have assigned for the arrow keys



Yes I have checked those.

It is the SHIFT arrow keys (sorry) that are suddenly doing weird things.

But only on one remote machine.

I checked two other machines and they are all happy with the SHIFT ARROW keys.
The nodes are moved up by the block size - I think.

On this machine - the one in question - the entire screen scrolls.

hmm .. Dunno man

whats the difference between the machines?
are you using the same Browser version ?

yes. Just different tabs of same browser.

So something is not on the same page between the two machines.

It only just started happening recently. (Today/this session.)

Because before it was working fine.

I was editing stuff and wanting to move nodes by block sized steps and pressed the SHIFT ARROW keys while having the nodes selected and.... the whole screen starts scrolling.

i just noticed .. have you also checked in the shortcut assignment panel for :


Well this is what it shows me.

Screenshot from 2020-11-28 12-08-58

Oh, and for the record:

NR 1.2.2
Firefox 83.0
RasPi Stretch (remote machin)

sorry man .. cant think of anything besides

  1. closing and re-opening the browser which im sure you have tried (doh)
  2. making a small change for the assignment of those shortcuts and then reverting back to the default
  3. updating node-red to latest version because when watching Nick's live streams he made some changes and fixes relating to Shortcuts

Well, here's a weird thing:

It has now started working normally (as expected).

Go figure.

The gremlins are out! :scream:

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It will depend what element on the page has focus when you press the keys. If the main workspace (the canvas your flows are on) has the focus, then the nodes will move. If anything has focus then the browser's own handling for those keys will apply.

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As far as I know I am/was doing exactly the same as I do all the other times.

I guess I shall have to put it down to the browser decided to play games with me in that session.

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