Using the webcam of the laptop


How to take a photo with the integrated webcam of my laptop on windows.
Wich node i must to use and is there any configuration or any other installations to do ?



Not a Windows user, but I’d check to see if vlc or ffmpeg can be configured to grab a still, then call that with an exec node.

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You don’t say where you are running node-red, which would impact the answer.
So is Node-RED installed on the laptop, or are you using a browser on your laptop to view your flows?

There is a full list of the easily installable nodes for node-red on The details of each node should also tell you if there are any other things you need to install.
A good place to start would be for you to search on for “camera”

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i’m using a browser to view my flows



a good idea i will try it
thank you