For a workshop I'm doing in a couple weeks, I needed to create a simple photo booth type app in the dashboard.

Whilst I could do it with a ui_template node, I thought it would be useful to have a node that wrapped up accessing the webcam from the dashboard. I'm not aware of this existing already.

It isn't published to npm yet, but there's a PR open against our UI nodes repo, and here's a quick demo of it.


Features include:

  • sends the captured image as a Buffer in png or jpeg format
  • optional 5 second countdown when taking a photo
  • can be remotely triggered (but the end user must have activated the webcam and given the dashboard permission to turn it on)
  • supports multiple webcams (the end user can pick which one to use)

At the moment, its pretty much feature complete (aside from more testing) for what I need, but I'm sure there will be other options that could be added.

I'll update this topic when its available on npm.


Now published -


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