How to order webcam node capture on the command page

I want auto capture with ui-webcam without having to switch to the dashboard. What should i do?

Don't use UI component. What web cam make & model do you have?

detect qr-code ,moder logitach ,jetson nano board

That is not the make and model of a webcam

Can you answer...

Now, I can capture and detect QR-code on dashboard but I have to press capture button.
I want to capture the picture autonomous

Seriously, what webcam are you using?

you question says "I want auto capture with ui-webcam without having to switch to the dashboard"

In order to help you I need to know what camera you are using.

The thing is ui-webcam NEEDS a browser open to work.

So if you are using a NETWORK CAMERA then you can probably use a HTTP REQUEST node to grab the image instead of having the browser open,

This is the camera i use

I can not read the model number from that photo!!!!!!

However, I can see it is USB - so it is NOT a "webcam"

So - try this node node-red-contrib-camerapi instead - it does not need a browser to take a picture.

It might work for you. I don't know as I do not have that camera.

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Thanks you,I'll give it a try.

Howdy Steve .... I'm curious on your response. If a camera is attached via USB why would that not be considered a Webcam? Surely how the camera is attached has no relationship to the high level logical camera subsystems in Windows or Linux? Don't they abstract the cameras (built in or external) to logic interfaces?

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Sure, anything can be used as web cam, however what I was trying to ascertain from the op was it a network (Ethernet camera) or built in or USB or whatever. The solution was different depending on the answer. E.g. a network camera cannot be accessed in the same way as a web cam unless the manufacturer provides a driver or the application has the capability to access a network camera as an input.

In the case, the suggested node uses the subsystems you speak of.

Had the camera been a network camera, I would have told the op to use a http request & the image from the camera image URL.

And indeed the Pi camera has yet another interface (being directly attached), though I think you can make it look like a "normal" webcam with an extra driver.

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