UI-Web Cam Auto Trigger

Hi @dceejay,

I have been testing this UI Web Cam node for facial recognition. This node works like a champ :slight_smile:

May i know is there any setting that we can configure so that this camera will take the picture without user activity to click the button?


As per the info in the sidebar - you can send in msg.capture of boolean true to trigger it at any time you like. The camera must have been made active within the browser first - but that is a browser requirement and not something we can control.

Thanks @dceejay. I configure msg.capture=true inside the injector node and push this payload per interval second and the node takes the pix smoothly :slight_smile:

Btw, this node also can be used with USB connected or PI camera as well right?

It can be used with any camera the local browser recognises as connected locally. IE if you run Node-RED on a Pi, and use a laptop to view the dashboard - it will recognise cameras attached to the laptop - not the Pi. The little down arrow in the corner lets you select from the available cameras

Thanks @dceejay

If i use Nano Jetson box(node-red install inside this box), connected with USB camera and HDMI display to display the webcam ui dashboard for local setup, this approach will work as well right?

I guess so. How about you try it and tell us ? I don't have a Jetson or a USB webcam.

Noted @dceejay.

We will look into this :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback.

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