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As you may have seen a few posts made by me in order to put together the GPS Tracking solution. And I figured it would be best to separate each topic by post, to avoid clutter and confusion.

I have a TomTom developer account and want to incorporate TomTom maps & other Telematics functions into the GPS Tracking solution. Can this be done, and if so, how do we do this?

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Without knowing the API it is difficult to tell. Do they publish the API? Is it HTTP Rest? Soap? Other?

From what is mentioned on the TomTom documentations, it is saying RESTful API

Then yes. Bread and butter stuff.

You can call HTTP Endpoints using the http request node. There are examples in the cookbook

Alternatively, they also seem to have an NPM package that you could import in node-red. Better still, develop a custom contrib node and add it to the flows library - for both the communities (and TomToms) benefit.

Thank you for this and everything so far Steve-Mcl.

As I am a newbie, would you be able to advise on how I can do this please.

I will definitely be making the Custom Contrib node once made, tried and tested.

To use an NON node-red NPM module, there are 2 ways, both are documented on

  1. add it to the function node (setup tab) - docs
  2. add it to the settings.js file - docs

Or you can just use the world map node.

Thank you everyone for the support so far.

I am totally grateful.

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