GPS tracking platform build

Hello Everyone,

I would like to pay someone to build or to provide guidance in relation to building the GPS tracking platform and creating integrations with our TomTom Map account.

In addition, we are using Mobile DVR systems which we want to incorporate video into our solution. Please advise wether we need to set up another Server, or wether GPS and Video functions can be used on the one Node Red server.

We have end user Responsive HTML dashboard and App UI already built which we want to integrate into this solution.

We will also be requesting for Admin panels which will create users and add devices, as well as pointing the devices to the right users.

We want to start off with the basics to get into testing mode, then later on down the track, we want to build on by integrating a vehicle tablet for 2 way messaging, job dispatch, etc.

Please let me know what is needed and how much to get the basics up and running on our infrastructure.

We have Node Red installed on our Oracle Cloud infrastructure, based on Oracle Linux (Red Hat) and is accessible using your browser.

I can provide protocol documentation for the MDVR/Tracking unit (ASCII based) and also the Queclink Tracking systems as well, which is also ASCII Based.

Thank you in advance,