Using two arrays as lookup tables

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a flow that allows me to combine data from two different arrays A and B to lookup data in array B and substitute it in A in the right spot: for instance, let's say array A lists people with properties like "favourite_food", but the value for this property is in the form of a code (let's say, favourite_food: "3"), and what each code refers to is defined in array B (which will therefore have an object with property code: "3" and value: "pizza").

Is there a node/function in Node-RED to combine A and B so that all objects in A with favourite_food: "3" are changed to say favourite_food: "pizza"?

In my example both of these arrays come from an API, but at least one of them could be saved and imported with a CSV, if that helps. Also, if it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about, it's because I really don't: my coding knowledge is extremely limited, but I am trying to find out if Node-RED could still be intuitive enough for me to use. So bonus points if the solution involves as little code as possible :slight_smile:

Sorry if the request is confusing/weird! I am more than happy to provide some clarification, of course.

Please provide some example data/input.