Using wss for node-red-contrib-ocpp

Hello everyone,
I have setup a local server in my LAN with the following:
Apache 2.4.41
NodeJS 10.19.0
Node Red 1.2.9
Generated SSL certificate for localhost with openssl

I installed the Node Red OCPP project from here: GitHub - Argonne-National-Laboratory/node-red-contrib-ocpp: Open Charge Point Protocol Node-Red Nodes
Then I modified settings.js to point to my key and certificate files (they were with key and cert extensions, I renamed them to .pem both) and the admin interface of Node Red is working with https (after I accept the exception to load it in browser).
Now, the OCPP system works when I connect to it using a simulator (the one from here - GitHub - victormunoz/OCPP-1.6-Chargebox-Simulator: A simple chargepoint simulator, working with OCPP 1.6), but only over WS - it connects on the socket and everything works. When I try secure websocket - WSS in the url- nothing happens. I tried removing the port number, as was suggested in other topics here, but again it doesn't connect.
I suspect that there is something else that I need to setup on the server in regards to SSL/TLS, so can anyone tell me what I have missed here?
I have seen in other topics here that there are TLS settings for websockets(from screenshots), but I can't find them in this latest version of Node Red.
The reason is that I want to try this system out over the Internet and I need secure connection.
Thanks in advance to everyone! :slight_smile:

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