OCPP Server Url

Hello everyone,

I would like to coonect an EVSE charge point to an OCPP server in the Node Red. This topic is quite new for me and I have no idea how to do. In EVSE side I can configure WiFi:

as its evident in the photo, in the upper part I insert my mobile hotspot credential and
below I can configure the charge point which is the most critical part is OCPP Server that
I don't know how can I define OCPP server in order to recieve data from charge point and send
command. I would appreciate it if you give me an idea.


You do realise that you've shared private details in a public forum? You should probably at least change your WiFi password.

Have you checked the flow library for a suitable node? I believe there is at least 1?

It was test credential! but I marked the information. Thanks for your warning.

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Yes I checked the examples also, I think this node is good for receiving data through OCPP

I defined the same Url in EVSE WiFi configuration and WiFi LED in charger point is blinking which means
connection to server is normal but when I check the RFID tag in charge point I don't recieve anything!

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