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Hi all;
I intend to write EV charging central system. I wonder that, is NodeRED is suitable to manage and organise thousands of EV charging units? I don't know about hardware. I'll use OCPP protocol (1.5 and 1.6). MongoDB is proper NoSQL database which will be introduced. Thanks in advance

That is a very loaded question with zero details provided. You don't mention what hardware you'll be running on. You don't mention any protocols or frequency of update. You don't mention any databases technologies etc etc etc etc etc

Gut feeling, yes it can.



I use NR to simulate an EVSE and have prototyped a central system using node-red.

The following package is an awesome place to start

You should be able to have a POC central system up in hours

BUT (and I am sure you knew it was coming), I would not build a production OCPP server using NR, particularly due to scalability and maintainability. WS reliability in node-red (at least historically) has not been awesome, it is quite common that a WS connection would die and not be able to reestablish without restarting node-red.

Writing an OCPP backend in Typescript, Java, go etc is not a huge job, particularly when you are going to need to integrate into billing, customer support systems it is only a small bit of the job -- regardless my thoughts

For context - We run 7 or 8 NR instances in production for integration tasks (including one running a test EVSE).

BTW I would be surprised if you really want to support OCPP 1.5 clients, and the current library does not support 2.x. As we move to 2.x we may look at doing some pull requests on the library to support however that is not on our current roadmap

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