Variable within flow group

Is it possible to set variable within flow group?
The case:
-I have several the same groups for different Shelly dimmers;
-I use number in Shelly name to distinguish them like shellydimmer01, shellydimmer02;
-now I have to copy group and in the flow I have to change every occurrence of the name to new one;
-any change in the logic causes me to do it as many times as the number of groups;
I'm wondering if it is possible to set a variable for a group and then copy group and change only this variable content.
Or maybe there is another way of doing the job and create the same logic for different devices?

It depends what nodes you are using, if the have configs etc. In many cases the link-call nodes are ideal (see import -> examples -> node-red -> links -> link call)

As for groups, they can have environment variables that you can pick up in a change node or function node and act accordingly.

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