Varta memory - convert Modbus TCP value to watt

Hi there,

can someone help me how to correctly convert the payload of a ModbusTCP return? I need the value in watts. Currently, a value of 65123 (from register 1066) or similar comes from the register. Unit is UNIT16.

Another register (2066) contains -> active power = (value in # 1066) * 10 ^ (value in # 2066) - which is a multiplication by a power of ten, right? But no idea how I do it ...

Modbus returns "0" from 2066.

What do I have to enter in a function node for the conversion?

try the Javascript function Math.pow()

let value = 65123; // replace with value from register 1066
let exponent = 0;  // replace with value from register 2066

let activePower = value * Math.pow(10, exponent);
msg.payload = activePower;
return msg

Hi, thx - but this isnt it.

Return is 65123 ... as number

I have a tcl script that does the job - I can't use it in node red, can I?

package provide modbus 1.0

namespace eval ::modbus {
    variable Priv
    array set  Priv [list \
        sn 0x1234 \
        -mode "TCP" \
        -ip "" \
        -port "502" \
        -com "/dev/ttyUSB0" \
        -settings "9600,n,8,1" \
        -timeout 2 \

proc ::modbus::configure {args} {
    variable Priv
    set names [lsort [array names Priv -*]]

    foreach {opt val} $args {
        if {[lsearch $names $opt] < 0} {
            puts "bad option \"$opt\": must be $names"
        set Priv($opt) $val

proc ::modbus::asc2bin {args} {
    # ex.   asc2bin 0x02 0x01 0x00 0x00 0x01 0x01 0x03

    set ret ""
    foreach c $args {
        append ret [binary format c $c]
    return $ret

proc ::modbus::bin2asc {data} {

    set len [string length $data]
    set str ""
    for {set i 0} {$i<$len} {incr i} {
         binary scan [string index $data $i] c ch
         if {$ch < 0} {incr ch 256}
         lappend str [format %02X $ch]
    return $str

proc ::modbus::debug {data} {
    puts [::modbus::bin2asc $data]

proc ::modbus::cmd {fun args} {
    variable Priv

    set fun [string range 00[expr $fun] end-1 end]

    foreach {reqCmd rspLen} [eval ::modbus::cmd${fun}_pack $args] break
    set mode [string tolower $Priv(-mode)]

    foreach {reqCmd rspLen} [::modbus::pack_$mode $reqCmd $rspLen ] break

    set rspCmd [::modbus::port_send $reqCmd $rspLen]

    set rspCmd [::modbus::unpack_$mode $reqCmd $rspCmd]

    if {$rspCmd == ""} {return ""}

    if {$mode == "tcp"} {set reqCmd [string range $reqCmd 6 end]}

    return [::modbus::cmd${fun}_unpack $reqCmd $rspCmd]

proc ::modbus::cmd03_pack {sta addr len} {

# function : read holding registers
    # station : 1 byte
    # function :  1 byte (always 0x03)
    # addr : 2 bytes
    # read len : 2 bytes (how much registers)

# response
    #station : 1 byte
    #function : 1 byte (always 0x03)
    #byte count : 1 byte
    #data : N*2 bytes (reg1_low...reg1_hi...reg2_low...reg2_hi...)

    # 1+1+1+2*len
    # sta=>1 fun=>1 dlen=>1
	# return [list [binary format ccSS $sta 0x03 $addr $len] [expr 1+1+1+2*$len]]
	return [list [binary format ccSS $sta 0x03 $addr $len] [expr 1+1+1+2*$len]]

sorry i have no idea how tcl scripts work or how to use them in node-red
(i was under the impression that you had them in NR already)
you cant use some Modbus nodes to get the values from you device ?

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