Very slow dashboard followed by no automation function

Have a RPi 3/NodeRed system running perfectly since 2019 {I believe} with ZERO downtime. No modifications have been made in the last 6 months. I see there has been similar discussions in the past which are now locked.

Just prior to my system problems, I noticed a 1+/- minute delay via my laptop in viewing the FLOWs.

2 weeks ago, I noticed lights which should have come on but didn't and when attempting to attached to by Pi via my laptop, through Pete Scargill's splash screen, I could not make a connection.

I rebooted the Pi, and ALL functions returned except, via my laptop, I again noticed it took almost a full minute to display the flows. {usually almost instantaneous].

Last night, the same issue. Lights did not come on and could not make a connection. Rebooted and it worked until midnight when the lights did NOT turn off. Rebooted again and the lights went off.

Had a backup SD card with the current FLOWs and OS backup, and Installed it. So far it is working however, on our phones, there is now a 3-4 second delay in displaying the dashboard, and I see about a 20 second delay on my laptop in displaying the Flows.

My gut feeling is the RPi is going south, maybe in the WiFi area.
I've pasted the system information from Pete's script program below.

System Vital

Canonical Hostname raspberrypi
Listening IP
Kernel Version 4.9.35-v7+ (SMP) armv7l
Distro Name Raspbian GNU/Linux 8.0 (jessie)
Uptime 2 hours 1 minutes
Last boot Tue, 22 Feb 2022 12:42:53 GMT
Current Users 2
Load Averages 0.01 0.02 0.00
System Language English United States (en_US)
Code Page UTF-8
Processes 164 (3 running, 161 sleeping)

Have you been hacked?? A crypto miner or so...?

I guess there is always that possibility, however, I keep this RPi behind a firewall and have never enabled any remote access. I'm sure there are bad people smarter than me who might still find a way in.

It would not appear, given the System Vitals, that the RPi's CPU is being taxed, I see only 3 running processes out of 168 with the rest 'sleeping' but again, I don't know if any of those 'sleeping' processes wake up and do something nefarious.

Thanks for the reply however.

Useful commands to identify problems include free -h (memory use), df -h (disk use) and htop (processes, CPU time and memory).

It's a good idea to export and save your Node-red and start again with a new SD card and up to date RPiOS.

Thanks for the reply. I did have a saved backup SD and the slow dashboard and slow or no connection via my laptop to show Flows, remains.

In fact, right now, I cannot connect.

Checked my Router and noticed the RPi coming on and off line but when on, showing 72 MBPS tx and 64 MBPS Rx. Even though I've never exposed this to remote access, it is possible, somebody did something or it is just failing.

Try connecting it to your router with an Ethernet cable

Are you using MQTT and if so is the broker on the pi?

Yes to both MQTT and broker on the pi.

Thanks, I'll do that in about 10 min.

Was looking at getting a new Pi, WOW the prices assuming you can find one.

OK, not an MQTT loop causing the high bandwidth then.

It would be worth, if you can get in, stopping node-red and seeing if the bandwith drops off.

So far, using Ethernet instead of WiFi "SEEMS" to be working but time will tell. Thanks to all who responded and I'll post any updates if the issue returns.

At the current prices and availability, I sure don't want to just blindly replace the Pi.

The traffic I see on my Router after switching to Wired Ethernet, now is reasonable and matches the values shown in Peter Scargill's System Vitals page. I'll keep monitoring it to make sure a switch to wired fixes this. The Pi/NodeRed system never needed to be WiFi.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. It is appreciated.

As of this morning, using Ethernet vs WiFi, seems rock solid. Thanks again to the group for your help.

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