Victoria Metrics to Node-RED

Have anybody used Victoria Metrics? Victoria Metrics seems to be much more efficient than InfluxDB, use less memory, and less data storage.

InfluxDB is releasing 3.0, which breaks the Flux query language again. InfluxDB 3.0 looks to address its memory and storage issue.

It looks like there is no Node-Red interface developed for Victoria Metrics at this moment.

First time I've seen that. You could also look at TickTockDB

TickTockDB is still in its infantry stage. Victoria Metrics is much more mature, and has been around for a long time. At Github, It is 67 stars vs 10.5k stars.

Here is a discussion at HA on comparison of InfluxDB with Victoria Metrics:

Well if you are using HA and want to use VM and need help, you should ask on the HA forum.

I was just offering you a alternative that is working well. While there is no 'node' for TickTockDB one of the authors @ylin30 is on the forum and very helpful.

No we did not use HA. This has nothing to do with HA.

We use InfluxDB. But we are looking at alternative solution that is industrially proved reliable and efficient. We are looking for long-term industrial database solutions such as Victoria Metrics and TimeScale that could offer better performance.

Would love to hear what others think about this.

@zenofmud thanks for ur kind words.

@davidz Yes, TT is still in infantry (~5 yrs) and still actively being improved. Our goal is to make TT fastest and least resource required so it can run in low resource devices like PIs. You might want to check out TT's early perf here. Also if you are switching from OpenTSDB, it's the best replacement.

If you're looking at mature solutions, you might want to check TDEngine besides VicMetrics. TDEngine has some limitations in schema and not as flexible as VicMetric. But both are much more lightweight than InfluxDB. VicMetric is pretty good in data compression so its storage size is even better than InfluxDB (so is its IO utilization).

I won't suggest TimeScaleDB due to its poor perf (since it is based on PostgreSQL). But if your perf requirement is not high and you care more about stability and security features, TimeScaleDB may be your choice. Recently it also claims to be vector DB (AI-related).

You're welcome to try TT. Any questions are welcome. Good luck!

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@ylin30 Thanks much for the comments.

TimeScaleDB is from PostgreSQL ++, which is famous for industrial standard SQL.

But most likely, we will invest some effort on Victoria Metrics. It is crucial to have consistent design and high performance.