Victron node do not connect!

Hi all,
I run node red on my RasPi. Want to use the Victron nodes however they do not connect !

When I use nodeRed on the Victron controler (Cerbo GX) it works fine. However I need to run nodeRed on the RspPi.

Any idea?

...under the Settings menu, did you enable dbus over tcp on the GX device?

Edit: see here...the answer is written here: node-red-contrib-victron (node) - Node-RED

another options, without the victron nodes, is to use mqtt or modbus-tcp - which is what I do.

Thanks .... Modbus/TCP is activated now .... is this dBus ?
Anyhow the Victron nodes still do not connect.
The only thing I need the V nodes is to on/off the relay 1.
I know the topic: N/c0619a...../system/0/Relay/1/State to read out the state but how to activate?
Any idea?

no it isn't mistake ..see my edit...based on the doc I linked, it can be activated via an internal shell command only, not from the GX menu (but I am not using the victron nodes myself, only mqtt (which can be activated via the GX menu as well, like modbus-tcp)

No, sorry...looks like this is just the relay state, not the switch ...did you check: dbus · victronenergy/venus Wiki · GitHub

BTW: this is not related to node-red...maybe better asking in the victron/venusOS community-Forum:

Thanks a lot!


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