Read data from Victron Solar Inverter into Node-Red

Hi all,
I am running a Victron Solar Inverter and really would like to get data from it into my Node-Red Setup.

There are several ways, but none of them worked for me so far :frowning:

  1. MQTT ... I activated the Victron Venus GX MQTT broker and connected to it with MQTT.fx
    Unfortunately all I get is a one-time serial number ... thats it ... no further updates

  2. Modbus ... I tried to use the Node-Red Modbus node to read data from the Inverter ... unfortunately something is goinf wrong:


Although the reference guide tells me: Address 800 - length 6 --> Serial number

  1. Victron Node-Red Nodes
    there is already a set of node-red nodes, I installed them, but again - all I get is a set of empty nodes and error messages

I would REALLY like to get some figures from my devices into Node-Red ... perhaps someone out there could help me :slight_smile:

Did you read/carry out the additional setup steps on the readme page for this node?