Deye inverter / Solarman logger


Even after searching I have not been able to find something (nodes) for fetching data from a Deye inverter directly. I see some (mainly python) projects on GitHub, but have not tested any of them yet.

Has anybody made node(s) that can fetch the data in question? Either specifically for this and compatible inverters, or a more general solution for reading modbus over TCP. And preferably not with a separate demon posting via MQTT or similar.

Any help would be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

There are tonnes of threads on this forum about inverters & modbus. They should give you a head start at getting data from your inverter.

Thanks. Maybe I'm not looking right, but after searching and reading quite a bit, I haven't found what looks like a good solution yet. I will give it another go in the coming days :slight_smile:

It would be very helpful if somebody had done something similar before, and could share a flow, or something like that.

If you are asking how to access modbus over TCP then node-red-contrib-modbus will do that for you.

Thanks, Colin.

Yes, I did find that modbus node. So in that case I only need to dig into the specs of the various field addresses to retrieve, etc.

I guess I was hoping somebody else had done (some of) that work :slight_smile:

Once you have identified which registers you need, you can decode the answer using node-red-contrib-buffer-parser.

It seems that no matter what I try, I just get timed out exceptions. I have confirmed that the Solarman datalogger is available and the TCP port in question does accept connections.

I tried different ways to read, but always get "Request timed out".

Maybe somebody has a suggestion or example flow to check out?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated - or should I open a new topic for this?

What version of node & node-red are you running?

How is node-red installed (e.g. used the official installer script? Installed in docker? Part of HA?)

Can you ping the inverter from node-red (install node-red-node-ping)

Show us your flow (CTRL-E to export, copy to clipboard, paste into reply)

Using v3.0.2 in docker image.

Can ping the datalogger (TCP server) from the node-red docker container command line.

In the meantime I found out that the Solarman dataloggers do not seem to allow direct modbus/RTU communication, but instead wraps it in a proprietary protocol? (GitHub - jmccrohan/pysolarmanv5: A python module to interact with Solarman Data Logging Sticks). Anybody know how to work with that in relation with node-red?

I assume that somebody out there made some reasonably frequent data polling work with a deye inverter?

My flow right now:

[{"id":"a2078797ead811fd","type":"modbustcp-read","z":"0ffdc271e6fe7340","d":true,"name":"DeyeInverter","topic":"SolarPower","dataType":"HoldingRegister","adr":"0x0003","quantity":"2","rate":"10","rateUnit":"s","server":"caf6bb511c270e00","ieeeType":"single","ieeeBE":true,"x":90,"y":340,"wires":[["ac07069ccdb192c0"]],"info":"\n\n"},{"id":"ac07069ccdb192c0","type":"debug","z":"0ffdc271e6fe7340","name":"debug 4","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"false","statusVal":"","statusType":"auto","x":300,"y":340,"wires":[]},{"id":"caf6bb511c270e00","type":"modbustcp-server","name":"DeyeInverter","host":"","port":"8899","unit_id":"1","reconnecttimeout":"30"}]

Just wanted to provide a quick update: A new node has been created (not by me): node-red-contrib-deye-sun-g3 (node) - Node-RED

This speaks to the Deye Sun G3 devices specifically.

But I am running a slightly adapted version and pulling data directly from a 12 kW hybrid Deye inverter. It works really well.

Hello....I am also looking for a flow i can use to get info from my Deye 12k inverter... Do you have it up and running yet :thinking:

Yes, I have it working quite nicely, in a manually and hand-held setup :slight_smile:

I used this project, which appeared just recently: GitHub - binsoul/node-red-contrib-deye-sun-g3

I made a number of changes and adaptions, and installed the node manually to Node RED.

If somebody have the time, it would be hugely cool to make a nice and polished project, with a general Deye inverter node for Node RED. Not sure how much the different inverters differ in regards to to data registers, but perhaps some profiles for each model/version could be made.

I just made it work for myself, and am very short on surplus time. But I would be happy to help, if I can :slight_smile:

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