SMA Inverter Readout

I have a PV system with a STP 20000TL-30 474, SBS6.0-10 319 and Home Manager 2 351. Now I want to read out all the values via NodeRed and display them in the dashboard.
I have already read a lot, but do not get further and need help.
If someone can give me a good tutorial on how to set everything to get all the data afterwards, I would be very grateful.

That's how I imagined it.

Hi, welcome to the forum.
Many of the forum users are English speaking, and therefore you would be much more likely to get good support if you post in English.

It's usual for non-english speakers to post here using Google translate.

Have you searched the forum?

A quick search showed this thread which may help.
Part 2 of that thread is also here.

yes, but how I get the adress from the device ?? to only thing i have is the IP adress witch is the

this is an old flow from me :grin:

write to me private in german for explanation

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