Power Meter - KNX - node red - Modbus - PV Inverter

Halllo all,

I am new to the forum and also completely inexperienced with Node red. But I hope to learn quickly.

My goal is to provide the electric power values to the inverter - the inverter is the Modbus master - Node Red should be the slave:

Data from KNX Power Meter => KNX Node Red => Node Red Modbus Client with USB adapter (PI) <= Hybrid Inverter

Does anyone happen to have such a solution, or can go with tips.

Many many thanks already

Welcome @colalight890

Just to let you know - I have moved your question away from Core Development - as its not about the core/internals of Node RED.

I don't use any modbus / KNX stuff, but plenty here who do.

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Are you sure? Normally that would be the other way round, with node red accessing registers on the device.

If you do want node-red to be a modbus server, however, node-red-contrib-modbus has a server node, though I have never used it.

Hello Colin,
The Inverter is the master and asking the Power Meter in this case. So Node Red must play the Slave role :slight_smile:
For Node Red, Server = Slave - right?

Yes. Let us know whether the server node does what you need.

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