SofarSolar inverter - NodeRED as remote server for getting statistics

Dear All,

Was trying to find the solution by myself but i failed.
I have Sofar Solar inverter which has an option
to send data to more servers . ( default is ginlong).

How to get the data from inverter using Node-RED? Then i would like to send to Influx.
Was trying to use TCPin node but i could not get any message.

Found similar topic for Omnik -solar but it does not work for me .

Thank you for any feedback.

Is the inverter connected to your local network (via cable or wifi) or does it connect direct to the internet?
If to the local network then I notice that in the help pane it suggests your device may not support this, does yours?
If you configure just the TCP node as in the flow you posted do you get anything at all out of it? You said it doesn't work but have not said in what way it doesn't work.

Inverter is connected to my local network via WIFI. I'm not sure my device is supporting this option
as no information in user manual.
Added debug node to this flow but no result in "debug message" . Additionally status page of inverter shows remote server information as "not connected"

I think before possibly wasting time trying to work out why it is not working you need to clarify whether the device does support it. Presumably there is some way of finding out from the product code.

Thank you Colin, will check with the manufacturer.

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