Victron Solar power Usage screen with ui dashboard or http Nodes - how?

Hi, the Victron Energy hybrid Energy storage System (Grid / Solar / Battery) - CCGX unit has a handy screen that shows the full status of all components of the system. See below. All the information is accessible via mqtt on the Victron device as well. I would like to build something simple - but similar to the look and feel of this screen.

I do not want to use ui-builder (do not have the time to learn it now). I know how to build html tables from rows of data - using a template node, and a UI template node. I have very little html knowledge. After some searching, it looks like one can use html sections - and 'float' thee of them next to one another - and send that mqtt using mousache template into each of the top thee sections, and do something similar for 2 sections at the bottom. But after trying several approaches, I was not able to get this going.

Anybody with advise for me on this please?

You could do this with the recently contributed SVG node for Dashboard (or my example SVG component for uibuilder if you prefer :wink:). Find something to build the SVG basic image for you - there are online tools, recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint will also do it. You will then need to spend a bit of time understanding the code that makes up the image (it is a dialect of XML) - by adding ID's to the various elements you can take control of the colour and text. The Dashboard node even has an SVG editor built in.

Thank you Julian, one day I am going to have to put time aside to learn uibuilder !!!

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@TotallyInformation - was not looking forward to get my teeth into SVG, do not have the time currently, but got my new Victron equipment's MQTT working - and streaming data into NR - SVG node. Thnak you for pushing me - will use this more. See below, I am almost there.... and can do extra things, like change the color of the AC if it get to its limit of 2500W.... sweet !

Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 22.46.34


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