View Subflow version on import

Hi all.
Apoligies if this is already possible, I couldn't find anything suitable-
I'm making extensive use of the 'Version' for subflows - that is really helping consistency between dev local, and customer boxes. (I've made a tool to export and compare which I will share on the forum)

I'm wondering if it might be possible when importing flows that include subs, to include the version of subflows in the 'should I replace' dialog.
Currently I add the version in a comment node but that's just to make it easier to identify (it would be grand if we could do that automagically as well).
Something like this:

It would be great to be able to launch the 'Diff' dashboard like we have with projects as well.
You guys do awesome work!

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A good suggestion but a lot more involved. Lets park this for now and look at your other part...

Brilliant (and sublimely obvious) improvement.

Lets see what the community thinks before we add this as a feature request.