Viewing pictures attached to posts

I have just been looking at a couple of posts/questions people have and they have attached screen shots.

I'm kind of from the 800x600 resolution days. Nowadays it is 1360x768 sort of thing.

When people attach those size/resolution pictures and you look at them - even after clicking on the picture and seeing an enlarged view.....

I am having a lot of trouble reading the text.
Maybe because they are .jpg images... Maybe the resolution is just too big.

Couldn't the screen shots be enlarged to be bigger on the screen?

Just wondering.

Can you please give a specific example?
(This way we can take a look together)

Let's try this one:

Can you read the text on the screen?


This thread
post 18.

You have shared a screen shot of your entire desktop. The fact we cannot read text in it without zooming into the image is not really the fault of the forum sortware. The forum displays the image the author has shared. It is up to the author to think about what they are sharing and their audience as to whether the image is helpful or not

On mobile I can at least pinch/zoom to get a better look.

Yes, if I click the image I can then use Ctrl+Scroll-wheel to zoom in (in Waterfox browser).

I was only suggesting that rather than show a 1360x768 image (usual screen shot size) in a 1024x680 screen.

Why not show it at full size?

That's all.

What do you mean by full size? For me (after clicking the image) it shows at the maximum size it can in the browser window without losing stuff at the edges or changing the aspec ratio, does that not happen for you?

Well, when I click on the picture, it opens in a "viewing window" at a lower resolution.

Ok, I can click on it (again?) to make it bigger, but why not open the picture when it is clicked on at a closer size to its original size?

Do you mean that when you click on it, it initially shows smaller than it was before you clicked it? If so then that is a browser issue. For me it does not open a new window, it just expands it to fill the current window, both in Waterfox and Chrome. That may well be a browser setting somewhere, or perhaps you are using IE.

No. In the thread it is "scaled" to be smaller and fit in the window/thread.

I get that.

When I click on it, it does become bigger - and I maybe picked a bad example - but it isn't optimised to be as close to its original size as it could be.

I am saying that and could be wrong. This is why I am wanting to ask/discuss it.

Show us what you mean, I don't understand.

This is a fairly pointless thread. We have no control over how the forum displays images. If you have feedback, take it up with

As I said before - whoever is posting an image needs to consider what they want to show. If they want to show a message in the debug sidebar, then sharing a full resolution screenshot of the entire desktop is not that helpful.

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Fair enough. I wasn't wanting to be difficult. I wasn't sure what the whole story involved.


I would still like to understand what you mean, I don't like not understanding something.
Post an image showing it not optimised.

(Now after I went off, found examples, saw Nick's reply and deleted the pictures. (Shift deleted))

Hang on.

You just need to click on the one you posted and screenshot that.

They aren't the best examples.

But for the sake of it.....

Pic 1:
The picture is shown in the thread.
Scaled down - I get it.

Pic 2:
I click on the picture and it is made (about) 10% larger with a lot of screen space wasted.
(Outside yellow rectangle)

It can't make it much taller because it needs room for the the x at the top, don't know why you are seeing a small gap at the bottom, I don't see that. It can't make it any wider without messing up the aspect ratio. As I suggested I think it is your browser wasting that little bit on the bottom rather than the forum.

Yeah, fair enough.

I was only asking. I hope it wasn't seen as being difficult.

Yes :slight_smile: On m 27" monitor when I click on it to zoom it, I can read that text quite easily.