Visibility of editor status display

Node statuses can be obscured by other nodes:

I would like to be able to move the status in front of other nodes on a semi-opaque background, like this:

I feel it ought to be fairly simple with CSS but z-index and overlay settings seem to make no difference.

Does anyone know how to do this?

It seems that the z-index of dashboard widgets (SVG) is based on the order they were added to the flow.
Here debug 16 was added to the flow after debug 15

So a work-around seems to be add debugs from the bottom of the editor screen upwards.

Indeed - the status text is 'attached' to the node svg element - so its z-order will depend on the node's order in the workspace.

You can 'raise' or 'lower' nodes if you want via the action menu (Ctl-Shift-P)

  • Move Selection Forwards
  • Move Selection To Front
  • Move Selection Backwards
  • Move Selection To Back