Visually optimize my flow to reduce the number of nodes used

Good morning and happy Sunday.

I have several (many) home assistant call service node to modify a value in Home Assistant entity. It works.

What I'm trying to do is visually optimize my flow.
I would like to be able to enter the dynamic "Data" field. So I can pass it values like, 48,49,50,51,etc ... and have only one generic node instead of 30 static ones.

The value circled in red would be dynamic

Do you have any idea how to pass these values to the nodes? In this example, I'm using an inject node to clarify my request
It doesn't work, but that's the final idea

The JSONata would be

{"option": $$.payload}

Assuming the input is msg.payload. There should be no need for the value change node.

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and ... :musical_score: it works as suggested. That's just great.
Many thanks @E1cid for the quick and functional response

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