Want to use ios shortcut as trigger

Hi all, i am new in node red
and feel node's flow is so amazing

BTW, if it is possible to use IOS shortcut to trigger node red automation?

Thank you a lot for help

Yes that is possible, however you will most likely be depending on requests via http and outside the network you can't easily reach the node-red instance, unless you set it up (security/network wise)

dont know how to requests via http

please can you give an example, thanks so much

This is the general idea, in the shortcut, you can listen for voice input that can be passed on to a http request.

In node-red create an endpoint with a http-in/response node

Ofcourse, you don't have to listen for input (this is my use case), you can directly fire off a request that triggers something in node-red.

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thank you so much for sharing your great idea
let me study in it :grinning:

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