Washing dryer recommendations?

We're looking for a replacement for our washing dryer. As nowadays there are appliances with wifi connection I would like to be able to control it from node-red to take advantage of the solar panels excess energy.
Is anyone controlling it's washing/drying machine (via wifi) and can recommend me a brand?

LG has been offering WiFi option for years. Problem is it's expensive and most sales people are completely unaware of it.

Samsung, LG... both offer wifi. But the question here if it's possible do control them from "outside" their apps. I've found that Homeassistant has a plugin for the LG protocol, but there's isn't any reference on dryer machines. Only AC pumps ad fridges.
On Samsung I've read that they implemented a token+certificate for their API and now it's complicated.
I can't find anything for them on node-red.

AFAIK, the "smart" systems all rely on cloud services from the manufacturer and I wouldn't trust those with a very long stout barge-pole. Far too many times we've seen malware, privacy problems and manufacturers getting bored or cutting short services and so bricking devices.

So please take care with your choice. And let us know if you find anything.

I totally agree with you. Those cloud services are a danger.
I've implemented a separate vlan for appliances and in the firewall I've denied access to the rest of the lan and control their coms with internet.

Alternatively, why not just let NR control the power outlet socket based on all your conditions? Nobody in your family will be able to start it unless your conditions are fulfilled :wink:

Eventually add a green lamp indicating "OK to dry tumbling" when this is allowed and possible

(I assume the action to dry wet clothes somehow anyway requires some manual action...)

The problem is that not all the appliances support starting on power. In fact, my current appliances do nothing when they are powered on.
Power consumption is already monitored with dedicated meters per line on the breakers box. But what I need is starting the appliance on high solar incidence and production in excess, like just now.

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Yes got that but seriously, do you let wet clothes stay in the tumbler for long before starting it? In our household, when the washing machine has finished, we put the wet stuff in the drying tumbler right after and all that is manual anyway. Unless you are talking about a combined washer/dryer...then you could schedule such machines to start when it is "likely" you have excess energy (measuring the output power from your solar with NR and then enable the power outlet when enough)

In fact, you're right.
I think it has passed so many time since i used those things.

This is more relevant to people on variable rate electricity supplies. Such as Octopus in the UK. With these, you can and should defer high-power consumption to times when the supply is quiet then it costs you less. On occasions you can even get paid!

I'm on variable electricity rates. But in this country we never get paid.
Supposedly, a new regulation will have application in the next month (has been delayed many months) and supposedly has to be more flexible and cheaper for small consumers.
But the fact is that although we are busting solar production records every month, from Christmas on, prices had been raising like crazy.
The cheap period has more than duplicated it's price, and we're sure that the reason is doing a price blend for the new regulation.

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