Watching a .mdf File

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I am currently trying to keep an application updated about some MS SQL Server Databases, therefore I need to read the DB (using the mssql node), change some small things about the output and then send it to a Rest API. It doesn't really matter why I need to do this, the Question is:

I always want to resend Data that got changed, as soon as it got changed. I hoped this would work by adding a watcher to the directory containing the .mdf files, but sadly it doesn't work, where these answers give an explanation to. At least I think that the explanation of SQL Server bypassing the file-system which causes the watcher to not reccon the change sounds logical.

Does anyone know any solution to this? Is there a Node that maybe does trigger, when a .mdf File gets changed?
The only solution I came up with was a Request every few seconds and then a filter only letting through messages, that differ from the previous one. But since the Databases can get pretty big, that's no acceptable solution.

You could use a trigger and call a http endpoint.

E.g. "How to Fire a Web Request from Microsoft SQL Server" How to Fire a Web Request from Microsoft SQL Server

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It worked, thanks a lot!

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