Web browser crashing

Hi NodeReders !

This is my first post on this forum, but I’ve been using nodered for 2 years.
I'm using a Rpi 4 to retrieve some data via MQTT at my house.
There are a lot of data that are retrieved and I don't have any probleme

I improved this system at my parent's house by adding a display wired on the hdmi output of the Rpi. So I'm using nodered dashboard displayed on the stock web browser of the pi to do this.
There are significaly less data that are retrieved than at my house.
The problem is that the web browser is crashing after some time (the browser displays that there is no connection with the server). After that the pi is really slow...

What could it be ?

Same config on my Rpi and the Rpi of my parents :

Raspbian Bullseye
32GB memory card

Softwares :

  • Mosquitto
  • Grafana
  • Nodered
  • InfluxDB

Kind regards

Is the browser really crashing? (If it crashed how can it display no connection)

Reading between the lines, what's really happening is the browser is not being serviced due to node-red hitting the cou hard - perhaps a loop triggered by a certain message.

When this happens, check the processes (use top or htop) - is the CPU maxed out?

Or perhaps, node-red is being crashed. What do the logs show?

Hi Steve-Mcl,

Thanks for your answer.
By crashing, I would mean that the browser is blank (white screen)

I can't do anything via the desktop, I need to use the command line to end the web browser
However, node-red is still runiing. I can access the dashboard via another device

I already get down the data rate incoming ont the mqtt server. It unloads the cpu but the problem is still present

top :

htop :

Which browser is it?

is the browser up to date?

Are there charts on the dashboard page - if yes, how many and how many points are set to display?

PS: remember, a browser is a heavy component to run on a raspberry pi (in terms of CPU and memory) - you may fair better with an RPi4 with more memory.

Thanks for your answer,

I didn't know that a browser is a heavy component.
Yes there are 5 charts plotted at 1 point per second... :confused:
So i will reduce the data rate displayed or i will change my project.

Thanks for all

How many lines on each chart and what time range have specified for the charts? Work out the total number of samples that get put onto all the charts and see how many that comes out to.

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