Dashboard with graph crashes


I created a dashboard with a graph that shows the temperature of my heatpump system.
But after a hour or so my pi crashes.
Its a pi 4 with 4gb. I thought that such a simple graph should be a piece of cake for a pi to run.
The data is received every second by mqtt

What could be causing this?

How did you install node-red? Did you use the recommended script?

What exactly do you mean by the pi crashing? Are you running the browser on the Pi? If so does it crash if the browser is not running?

If it is just the browser locking up then it may just be overloaded by the graph, though I would have thought a pi4 could have coped with it. A sample every second for an hour is 3600 points and since I imagine the graph is not 3000 pixels across that really is overkill. Try either slowing down the sample rate from the sensor or add a Delay node set to Rate Limit mode, one sample everly 10 seconds and drop intermediate messages and see what happens.

If it isn't that then stop node-red and start it in a terminal and post the startup log here. Leave the terminal open and see what it shows when the system crashes. .

Yes, install was with the script

The browser crashes also i think, white screen and then try again and i works.

But also many times connection lost with red text on the dashboard screen.
Even with the inputs set to 25 seconds.

  1. what are your settings for the ui_chart?
  2. are you accessing the dashboard from the same Pi that NR is running on?
    2b) if so, what browser are you using?
  3. what version of NR, node.js and the dashboard? (you can get these fronm the NR startup log.)

the standard serting i use
same pi, standard browser
all latest version installed and update with the script.

i guess the delay limit function solved it for now

Glad it is working for you!

Note: when someone asks what versions you are using and you say 'all latest versions' that doesn't help. Did you realize that NR v1.3.3 was released yesterday? By your statement I would have to assume you had it installed...but did you?

It also doesn't help someone in the future looking at your thread to see if your solution will help them. Not knowing the exact versions will make it hard for them to match your solution with their issue.

Never thought about that.
At the moment of posting i first update all to be sure that was not the problem.
So yes it is 1.3.3

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