Web scrape Amazon Vine program

Hi all,
My partner has recently been invited to take part in the Amazon Vine reviews program. This involves keeping an eye on a specific url for products that can be ordered. If there are no product the text "We do not have any offers for you at this time." is shown in plain text.

So the text above is what I want to scrape for to trigger an automation, or rather when the text is not present, then do an action, but the url is of course behind the login process.

Does anyone know how I can scrape the url for this text, whilst navigating the login session elements?
I'm comfortable with the actual text scraping and automation part, but getting NodeRed to do the virtual login is the part I'm struggling with.
Many thanks...

If it is a complex login, you may need to use one of the headless browser nodes rather than a simple request node. They will run JavaScript and allow scripting of responses.

It's 2FA so perhaps that makes it 'complex'.
Any ideas on Nodes to look at? I tried searching 'headless' but nothing useful..

Search selenium, puppeteer, web driver etc.

e.g: Contrib puppeteer new - #8


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