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I am trying to use NBrowser, and want to scrape data from webpage which requires a login.

Does anyone have any config flows they can share to get me started?

I have downloaded NBrowser and Credentials, however I am struggling to setup the flows.



Are you sure you could not get the data using an API?

If not, then install: topological-nodered-wdio (node) - Node-RED

This lets you completely automate a series of webpages.
There are dependencies.

You would need to understand basic selenium selectors.



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Is there a problem with this?

node-red-contrib-nbrowser (node) - Node-RED (nodered.org)

There are also several nodes that run Puppeteer instead.

And note that you could call your browser headless:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --headless --disable-gpu --enable-logging --dump-dom https://nodered.org

Which works with Chrome as well - I think that Firefox has something similar.

By the way, this comes up often enough that it prompted me to write a new FAQ:

Http-request node does not get all the page data (AKA How to scrape dynamic data from a web page) - FAQs - Node-RED Forum (nodered.org)

Thanks, I run NR in home assistant, do I need to run chrome on a remote machine when using Puppeteer or does chrome run headless as part of Puppeteer?


I believe that Puppeteer will include a version of Chrome - though honestly, I so rarely use it (and generally on a Windows PC anyway for that kind of thing) that I'm not totally sure. I expect that the Puppeteer docs will tell you for sure. Or just try it and see. :smiley:

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