Webhook api request error

hi guys, wanna send a array data to this API using webhook.

JSON Webhook
Sent JSON data to webhook endpoint.
▪ HTTP method: POST
▪ Using sha1=(sha1 hashed JSON payload, using webhook secret as key)
▪ Headers - key: "X-Hub-Signature", value: sha1
Webhook URL:

Webhook Secret:

Webhook Signature Header: X-Hub-Signature

the data looks like this

  "equipment": "Inverter",
  "manufacturer": "Sungrow",
  "datetime": 1691575521688,
  "equipment_id": 1,
  "value": 54

and here is my flow code


but it still doesnt want to send the data to the api cloud, ive tested on the postman its work

any idea about this?