Weird GPIO behaviour

I have a simple flow to turn on an LED on GPIO 36 (pin 36)OUTPUT it comes from a timer and also a CloudMQTT input, I also have an GPIO input from the same GPIO 36 back out to CloudMQTT as a monitor, the feeds are different names, the feed in is 'lamp' and the output is 'lampfeed'.

What I've found is the GPIO 36 monitor goes mad going on and off rapidly, I disconnected the CloudMQTT link and the GPIO on it's own still goes crazy even after a reboot. It used to work but I think a recent update it shows this weird behaviour - I don't remember if I updated the GPIO node.

I did try pull the pin high and low via the output down but that kills it either way. Debounce does slow it down though.

I don't think you can have a gpio pin as both input and output.
If it isn't that then add a debug node showing what you are sending to the pin and see if it is the flow driving it.

I've tried all sorts, debug on the input node shows it going wildly on and off and the input just reflects the input from the timer or CloudMQTT. There's no loop via a flows or 'noise' on the leads from the LED. I think it must have to be the latest GPIO update changed something to stop input and output on the same GPIO pin.

Input and output on the same pin has never been supported.

Thanks @dceejay It's used to work ok, but the recent update changed something - oh well.

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