Weird things happening with `node.status`

(Yes, I've been in a similar place before.)

I think this is different.


I have a function node that is receiving two messages and creating a new message when the two other messages are received.

To help me with seeing what is going on I use the node.status({}) command.
The idea is that when message 1 is received the node indicates that.
Then when message 2 is received, the node also indicates this.

YES! There is a problem with this.
As both messages arrive at the same time (basically speaking) I only see one message.

So to get around this I delayed one of the messages a few seconds.

Given the messages are coming through every 20 seconds, it is not a big deal.

So I set a 3 second delay.

So I'd expect to see (badly worded)
message 1 received. 3 seconds later message 2 received. 17 seconds.
message 1 received. 3 seconds later message 2 received. 17 seconds.

The only way I can get it to do this (with the changes in time understood as being in the equation)
message 1 received. 5 seconds later. message 2 received. 15 seconds.

The messages are complicated but not impossible.
Here are two examples of the messages.


They are sent in together but with a 5 second difference between then.

This is the node:

[{"id":"4bccf388.5f0814","type":"function","z":"c636aa5a.cc34","name":"Make ONE message","func":"let A;\nlet B;\nlet C;\nlet D = context.get(\"D\") || 0;\nlet E = context.get(\"E\") || 0;\nif (msg.topic == \"NEWDAY\")\n{\n    return msg;\n}\n\nif (msg.payload.device == \"Modem\")\n{\n    //\n    //  Modem detected.\n    //\n//    node.warn(\"Modem message arrived\");\n//    node.warn(msg.condition);\n    context.set(\"Modem\",1)\n    context.set(\"Modem_status\",msg.payload.Modem);\n    context.set(\"WHO\",msg.payload.Who);\n    node.status({ fill: \"green\", text: \"Modem\" });\n}\nif (msg.payload.device == \"UpLink\")\n{\n    //\n    //  UpLink detected.\n    //\n//    node.warn(\"UpLink message arrived\");\n//    node.warn(msg.condition);\n    context.set(\"UpLink\",1)\n    context.set(\"UpLink_status\",msg.payload.UpLink);\n    context.set(\"WHO\",msg.payload.Who);\n    node.status({ fill: \"red\", text: \"Uplink\" });\n}\n\n//node.status({});\n\n//if ((context.get(\"Modem\") == 1) && (context.get(\"Uplink\") == 1))\nif (context.get(\"Modem\") == 1)\n{\n    //\n    if (context.get(\"UpLink\") == 1)\n    {\n        //\n        //  both messages received.\n        //\n        //node.status({fill:\"yellow\",shape:\"dot\",text:\"message\"});\n        context.set(\"Modem\",0);\n        context.set(\"UpLink\",0);\n        A = context.get(\"Modem_status\");\n        B = context.get(\"UpLink_status\");\n        C = context.get(\"WHO\");\n        msg.topic = C;\n        //msg.payload = {\"Who\":msg.who,\"Modem\": context.get(\"Modem_status\"), \"Uplink\": context.get(\"UpLink_status\")};\n\n        //node.status({});\n        \n        msg.payload = {\n            \"Who\":C,\n            \"Modem\": A, \n            \"UpLink\": B\n        };\n        return msg;\n    }\n}\n","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"initialize":"","finalize":"","libs":[],"x":1990,"y":4740,"wires":[["dc8d6eed.9ba1d8","cfb7b905.7a326"]]}]

Why doesn't the node.status work nicely with ONLY a 5 second difference between the two messages being received?

Other stuff:
NR 3.0.2
RasPi 3B+

node -v

Thanks in advance.

Add node.warn() statements at the point you set the status and see what is going on.

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