Wemo d1 mini with wired ethernet

Hi folks,

Based on another discussion, I decided this morning to that I will start discovering the wemo d1 mini devices.

Most of them will be wired, however some of them need to have a wired ethernet connection (due to no wifi available). I don't think there are boards being sold with an RJ45 connector, so I will need to buy some kind of shield. POE would be nice, but I can live without if there is a decent workaround.

Does anybody can advice me which way to go?

Moreover I still need to decide which firmware I will start using: Tasmota, EspEasy, ...
So if one of those supports wired ethernet out-of-the-box, then I will go for that one. Because for simplicity I want to have the same firmware running on all my boards. And I don't want to start programming, because enough programming for me in Node-RED already :wink:

All dummy level info is very welcome!!

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!!


ESP8266 can be done with an Ethernet module via SPI


But not relay an ideal solution: I don't know of any firmware supporting this out of the box (because WHY? The ESPs are great because of build in WIFI

The ESP32 has build in Ethernet support - but again nobody seams to care so the selection of possible boards is limited

I don't know of a board adding eathernet AND POE into one affordable solution (ok here is one: ESP32-POE - Open Source Hardware Board)

So again the ESP platform gives you most options to at least reasonable prices

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These are supported by Tasmota - Cannot speak for other firmware.

Last two also support POE!


Hi @smcgann99,
very nice of you to create this overview!! Then I most probably will start with Tasmota. Will give it a go...

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