Wired ESP32 (ethernet)

Hi folks,

While most people love to use wireless modules, I am quite the opposite of that. If I can install a wire (to avoid wireless troubles and batteries), then I will do it. That is why they call me the "cable guy"...

Have to install some sensors in my garden (where I don't have any wifi), and the wires are already in place. But did not find yet an easy to use affordable module with a 10/100M Ethernet connector. Fortunately now a wired module with an ESP 32 is available, which is called WT32-ETH01:


Note that it does not support POE, so a separate power cable is required!

You can find it e.g. here on Aliexpress for 10,49 EUR.
P.S. The shipping is 3,7 EUR, but it remains that price when multiple boards are ordered...



That would be nice at that price.

There is also the ESP32-POE-ISO and around twice the price (but could be economical if you have to buy and install PSU + Power cabling)


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