What about Node-Red 4?

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Maybe I am lost but I cannot find any information about this. What about Node-Red next major version? Is it expected? Any news?

I think at least in next minor versions Node version should be upgrade to Node 20 LTS and leave the deprecated Node 16 version.


Soon: When will Node-RED 4.0 be released? - #6 by knolleary

If you want to take money to the bookies, "this month" is even odds.

There has been discussion about this. Certainly, v16 will be skipped. Not 100% sure if 18 or 20 will be the new minimum.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you or anyone using Node v18 or 20 with 3.1.6 today :man_shrugging:


I assume you are referring to the docker images. We already build and tag images for node 18 (and have done for a long time).

As has been stated many times, we will not change the latest tag to point at a different node.js version in a minor release - that is a breaking change.

I updated the release plan last week - Release Plan : Node-RED

Node-RED 4.0 is aiming for end of April for the final release. We'll start the initial beta releases next week.


Thanks for the replies :wink:

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