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Updated one pi 4 to the latest node js and to my horror it says I'm at ver 17.1. Other than breaking one node it seems to run. Should I panic and run in tight little circles or should I be relatively OK as it seems node red wants 16x.
[EDIT] V17.9.0

TBH, I'd switch to 16 LTS or 18 current.

PS, if you had use the official installer script, you can simply specify --node16 and it installs everything for you (node-red, the service and node-js/npm)

Don't panic certainly. But best to fix it now. When upgrading Node.js, you want the latest LTS version and not the very latest. LTS versions will normally have even numbers. Easy enough to change.

So I did roll back to v16x, I originally used the install script but as I upgraded over time I had not updated node js so I found myself at 2.2.2 running node 12. When I ran the node update I asked for latest, my mistake, instead of LTS current. Did a rollback and the one misbehaving node did straighten out. Lesson learned

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It would be helpful to know what node didn't work - it will need fixing eventually.

It was an obscure node to run a bme280 that hasn't been updated for 3 years. I don't think it's worth your time to look at and I'm going to ditch it in favor of a different sensor and a supported node.

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