What browsers are officially supported by the Node-RED editor?

I have been searching for an official page / statement about what browsers the Node-RED editor officially supports but could not find it.

When we are developing custom nodes I would like to know in what browsers I should test them. For example when I have some custom JS code in an oneditprepare block that might not work in older browsers like IE11.

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I guess it depends on your target audience. There are a few users still insist on using IE11 but there are several nodes simply don't work on IE11 (i forget which ones right now). In fact, come version 2.0.0, if you enable monaco editor (an enhanced code editor written by Microsoft themselves), it doesn't even support IE11!

I personally do try to keep things compatible with IE11 but I wont go too far out of my way to ensure this.

If you feel it too much effort to support IE11 then I would simply put a warning in the README that IE11 is not supported. IE11 cannot disappear quickly enough IMO & you would only be helping the cause if you don't :rofl:

In any way, you will only be upsetting 2.15% of the users if you dont support IE :slight_smile:

(not an official response)

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There is no "official" list afaik - but the core developers tend to use Chrome, Firefox and Safari daily - and we get pointed at Edge and other chromium variants now and then when people spot odd things. As Steve says we will try and keep the core compatible with IE11 - but there is no need for individual nodes to do so as long as they point that out.

I put a call out to uibuilder users to tell me if they need to use old browsers because v4 will no longer support anything that doesn't support ECMA2015. Given that it is from 6 years ago, that should cover pretty much everyone.

IE11 will no longer be included in future versions of Windows and is being actively removed by Microsoft from W10 from August. So W10 20H2 will be the last officially supported LTS release, I believe that will be supported until 2023.

The good news is that it shouldn't be that hard to pass your code through babel if you need to transpile it to work with older browser versions.

Thanks for all the quick answers. We will add a note to the readme file and be done with it.

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