Running Node-RED on Windows 11 (yes, it works)

As expected, it seems to work just fine. Haven't had time to do extensive testing and haven't loaded old flows. But created some simple flow tabs and they all seem to work ok.

Not unexpected since W11 is mostly still W10 with a revamped UI. (Yes I know there are some underlying changes but lets not quibble :slight_smile: )

I installed the official MSI installer for Node.js then installed Node-RED with the usual npm install -g node-red then started it with node-red. Created some flows and tabs, tried a restart. All working fine with no errors at all.

Note that, as mentioned in my other recent post, you no longer need to install the windows-build-tools since the official node.js installer now includes them directly.

If you do get any errors, I would suggest starting a new thread with the details.

Incidentally, I'm still running the insider builds for W11 and I'm not yet on the latest. I am currently running 22000.168 installed on 2021-06-29 though with all current patches. I use Microsoft Edge browser and I'm on v95.0.1020.44. Running on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7.


Wow a glutton for punishment! Windows 11 and Edge.

Well, Edge is my go-to browser at the moment. It has occasional hic-ups as they run through new versions but is pretty stable over all. I love the fact that the browser sync uses my Microsoft personal and work accounts (in different profiles). And even the mobile versions get some sync. I can also "continue on PC" from my mobiles. I don't use it as my main browser on mobile though, I use Brave for that as I prefer the extra protection.

Oh, also LOVE the tab groups in Edge - really helps me as I always have TONS of tabs and windows open.

As for W11, I can't see myself using it in a hurry. They have "gone all Apple" on us! Dumbing down the UI. If I wanted a dumber UI, I'd use my Macbook Pro since Apple have been doing it longer. I want Windows for it's extra complexity.

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Could you check out Edge in the editor with it fullscreen and windowed? The idiot who was posting abuse recently apparently had trouble switching tabs in the editor(?) when fullscreen.

Thanks. I totally expected it to work but…


I use Edge everywhere. Even on my Android phone. It's way better than Chrome, even though they share the same engine. It is more power and resource efficient, and has better security features.

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I've been using Edge exclusively for months now, and I've worked A LOT in node-red.

My editing has been from Windows 10, on a server that was running Windows, and another server that was running centOS. Both worked fine (I had other issues, but not with the editor).

To be fair, I had issues when importing a realy big flow (about 800KB) on a blank project, the deployment took some time and it looked non-responsive, but after a while it clicked and started working normally.

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Done. It works of course :grinning:

Good. Though there must have been some underlying problem that caused the guy problems. If there is, then no doubt someone else will find it. Of course we don't know what browser he was using. Possibly he took our advise to try a different browser and when he realised it was the browser at fault he couldn't bear to admit he had been wrong all along, which is why he completely lost it.

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Best Software Ever Created. I LOVE YOU!


don't push it :wink:
Although Edge is a pretty good browser on windows - if you have to work with windows :stuck_out_tongue:

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I saw they'll release it for Linux. If I went back to Ubuntu, I'd probably use it. Works extremely well on Android.


I can confirm, I set up NR on my Win-11-equipped laptop and i seems torun just fine but I'm using up to date Chrome.

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