🎉 Node-RED 1.3.5 released

Node-RED 1.3.5 is now available.

This fixes the reported issues with using custom themes and the editor failing to load for certain browser locale settings.

A couple other changes of note include:

  • When you open up a subflow, its tab gets added next to the current tab, rather than at the end of the tab bar. That's much more useful when you have lots of tabs to save you scrolling back and forth.
  • That said, you can now use the mouse wheel to scroll the tab bar. I have to point out, given different OS treat the scroll direction differently and that we have no way of knowing what the OS behaviour is, it might feel backwards to you.
  • We have shrunk the default notification box ("Successfully Deployed" etc) so that it doesn't obscure the tab bar when open.

We have also fixed the build dependency that was preventing us from including Node 16 in our unit tests - and I'm pleased to report they all pass cleanly. The usual caveats remain over 3rd party nodes that have binary components that might need some additional checks.

Full details here: Release 1.3.5: Maintenance Release · node-red/node-red · GitHub


Haha, missed getting it installed by a few minutes. My install using the test script just finished 1.3.5 and I saw this pop up.

Just ran the test script again on a PiZero W and it upgraded to 1.3.5 with no issues. Now to play! :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Ohhhh I love the tab scrolling!!!!


Will this load with DCEEJAY's new script that he has us testing? (Help Wanted - testing updated install script - #28 by dceejay)

Do I use a --node16 switch to try to force node16 to install?

Since mouse wheel scrolling will "feel backwards" for probably half the people, how about a settings file option to reverse it, if it seems backwards for you.

It scrolls the "right" way for me! :grinning:


Yes, as I said in my previous post.

I always restart node-RED after updating nodes using inject/exec nodes (because I'm lazy), but the notification box always blocked the tab with that flow, making it difficult to select. :blush:

Thats a really good improvement. That box was slowing me down when i was quickly making changes.

What is the typical time between one of these announcements and the Docker image getting updated to the new version?

Depends what mood Travis is in


I see

The docker images should all be updated now.

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I'm loving bullet points 1 and 3!

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